My Vertigo is Gone

I am a 55 year old female who suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes and the new one is vertigo - I was suffering with vertigo at least 1 time every two weeks, leaving me bed-ridden and unable to function or work my normal job. I was informed by my primary physician that going to a chiropractor might be able to assist me with my vertigo - because medication and exercises given were not of help in any way; they just caused me more discomfort and heartache. So I found a chiropractor and my results were beyond my expectations - not only am I vertigo free, but my vitality in life has returned. My full strength is back and I find myself not needing all the vitamin supplements to keep my mind in focus - I feel I am alive again. I feel more alert due to the adjustment, my blood sugar has leveled off, even my eye sight has managed to get better. I cannot thank you more for your services. I am grateful for your existence and I would highly recommend anyone being hindered by vertigo to get help and enjoy your life again. - Sylvia